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Diesel Truck Oil Change Service in Brigham City, Utah

Taking Expert Care of Your Semi-Truck & Heavy Machinery

Your rig and equipment rely on many different components to run smoothly. Without preventative maintenance, relatively minor issues can become far worse, doing costly damage and disrupting operations. As with all types of motorized vehicles, semi-trucks need to have their oil routinely changed. In order to keep your truck's engine running smoothly, count on our experienced Brigham City semi-truck technicians at Pros Diesel. Instead of cutting corners and trying to change your oil yourself, it is important that you hire a professional.

Diesel Truck Oil Change Service in Brigham City, Utah

What Role Does Oil Play in Your Engine?

You may have an intuitive understanding that oil is important for maintaining your semi-truck’s proper functioning, but understanding exactly what it does can help put the importance of scheduling regular oil changes into perspective.

Your rig’s engine produces a lot of heat. These high temperatures are a byproduct of the friction between moving parts. Oil absorbs some of that heat and reduces the friction that produces it. This protects your components from excess wear and tear or even melting down altogether, allowing your semi-truck to perform more reliably and efficiently for longer stretches.

Your overall costs for maintenance, repair and fuel consumption are all directly affected by how often you change your oil. Save yourself the hassle and expense of dealing with an inefficient or busted rig by scheduling an oil change at Pros Diesel today!

Regular Oil Changes Encourage Preventative Maintenance

When you take your diesel truck in for an oil change, you’re giving yourself a leg up on preventing costly repairs. Not only will your oil protect your engine, transmission and other systems, but physically having your truck in the shop will make it easy for experienced technicians to spot trouble long before it gets bad. When you bring your rig into Pros Diesel for an oil change, we’ll check a number of other components.

Checking Your Tires for Wear

The wear patterns on your tires can indicate a range of issues that warrant further investigation. By having them inspected during an oil change, you can catch potentially serious problems while they’re still easy to deal with. Of course, sometimes your tires are just worn down without anything nefarious behind the damage and will need to be replaced. Pros Diesel is committed to helping you keep your rubber firmly on the road with reliable tire inspections and changes.

Checking Your Coolant Levels

Coolant, also known as anti-freeze, is responsible for regulating the temperature throughout your engine. It disperses excess heat through the radiator and also keeps the lines flowing during freezing weather. You’ll want to ensure that your coolant levels are always at optimum, or risk doing major damage to your vehicle.

Changing Your Oil Filters

The oil in your truck is responsible for whisking away corrosive byproducts of your engine’s internal combustion process. The filter strains this debris out of your oil, allowing it to return to the engine to do its job over and over again. Maintaining a fresh oil filter will dramatically improve the durability and fuel economy of your semi-truck. We recommend that you get it changed regularly, along with the oil itself.

The oil in your big rig is responsible for protecting your engine. When an oil change is overdue, it can lead to problems with your engine and systems. Request a free evaluation or schedule an appointment with one of our semi-truck oil change specialists in Brigham City by calling us at (801) 989-5587.

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