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Diesel Truck Engine Repair Service in Brigham City

Semi-Truck Transmission Services in Brigham City, Utah

When it comes to the engine and transmission of your semi-truck, not just any auto shop should be trusted to work on your vehicle. These parts are essential to the safe operation of your vehicle and, as such, it is important that you choose a trusted Brigham City semi-truck repair shop with the task. If you are having issues with your engine or transmission, Pros Diesel can help.

Brigham City Diesel Truck Engine Repair Service

Comprehensive Diesel Truck Engine and Transmission Repair Services

The heart of your rig is its engine and transmission system. Even though they’re engineered to last you thousands of miles, things will inevitably go wrong as they suffer damage, corrosion or general wear and tear. Pros Diesel is here to help you out with routine or emergency services, whenever you need them.


No matter the make, model age or configuration of your rig, eventually you’re going to need to take it in for a routine inspection. Your semi-truck engine and transmission are powerful and complex systems comprised of many interacting components. Damage from impact, corrosion or simple wear and tear can impair the functionality of these components, or even cease their ability to function altogether. Whatever the issue, you can rely on Pros Diesel to catch it during our thorough inspections.


If inspections are useful for spotting a problem, then diagnostics are critical for identifying it and building a plan of action to solve it. Pros Diesel employs a comprehensive range of the most advanced diagnostic equipment to inform our maintenance, repair and replacement services. When you know exactly what’s wrong, you can implement the most cost-effective solution to quickly get back out on the road.


Your engine and transmission are complex systems and when something goes wrong, you’ll want a seasoned professional to render the semi-truck engine repair service you need. Pros Diesel works with speed, skill and experience to ensure your rig is road-worthy again in a timely manner.


Even the most prudent of drivers will eventually see their clutch succumb to wear and tear. In the simplest terms, your clutch connects your engine to your wheels, making it a vital component of your transmission system. When it’s time for a replacement, you can rely on Pros Diesel to get the job done on time and on budget.


The axles on your truck or trailer can take a beating, but they’ll inevitably require some servicing after enough mileage. At Pros Diesel, we source our replacement parts and components from premium brands, so you can rest easier knowing that your axles won’t let you down after leaving our shop.


Differentials are critical for maintaining control and efficiency when turning corners and curves. Driving on worn differentials runs the risk of seizing up and damaging your transmission and driveshaft. Let Pros Diesel handle your differential replacement!

Automatic/Standard Transmission Rebuilds

Whether your transmission’s shot or you just want to take preventative measures for your truck’s health, Pros Diesel is fully equipped to carry out your transmission rebuild. We source only premium replacement parts, and our knowledgeable team can render reliable service to any type of transmission, be it standard or automatic.

If you are looking for a skilled transmission repair shop in Brigham City, Ogden, or Salt Lake City, we are here to help. Call us now at (801) 989-5587 for a free evaluation.

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