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24/7 Roadside Assistance and Repairs in Brigham City, Utah

Rapid Semi-Truck Repair Services

Has your semi-truck broken down on the road, preventing you from getting back to your job? We understand that you can’t move when your truck isn't running, which means you can't make money. At Pros Diesel, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable roadside semi-truck assistance in Brigham City, Utah. You can count on our fast and reliable services 24/7.

24/7 Roadside Assistance and Repairs in Brigham City, Utah

Comprehensive Diesel Truck Repair and Maintenance Services

Whether you’re in for a routine tune-up or you’re stuck on the side of the road, Pros Diesel has got you covered. We’re available around the clock, so all you’ve got to do is give us a call when you need any of our services .

Lube, Oil or Filter Changes

The process of internal combustion generates a lot of heat and debris, and your oil acts as a coolant and a method of transporting harmful byproducts to the oil filter and out of the engine. By regularly replacing your oil and filter, you’ll be able to keep the internal workings of your rig running like new. When we perform this routine maintenance, it’s a good move to lubricate your chassis components as well.

Air-Conditioning System Repair

For long miles on the road, it’s crucial to stay comfortable and safe no matter how hot it gets outside. Your coolant can run dry and your compressor can break, along with a number of other components. Whatever the case, Pros Diesel has got you covered with expert A/C repair.

Brake System Repair

Your brake system is crucial for ensuring that you and the drivers around you remain safe by controlling the incredible momentum of your vehicle. 18-wheelers don’t use the same hydraulic systems as common passenger vehicles, but an air braking system instead. Whether you’re equipped with S-Cam or disc brakes, you can count on Pros Diesel for all of your brake services .

Suspension Repair

Your suspension system works to absorb the excess kinetic energy from bumps and shocks on the road. While this makes for a more comfortable ride, it crucially stabilizes your vehicle so that you can remain on course even on a rough ride. Additionally, a properly tuned suspension system contributes to your overall fuel economy. Let us help you keep the various components of your suspension system in top shape.

Engine Diagnostic and Repair

Early detection is important in preventing costly engine rebuilds . At Pros Diesel, we have the experience and equipment necessary to perform thorough diagnostics of your entire engine. If we see anything out of place, we’ll repair or replace those components in an efficient manner you can trust.

Electrical Repairs

Your electronics act as the central nervous system for your rig. When something goes wrong, the results can range from a minor annoyance to a major difficulty in meeting your delivery schedule. Once again, proper diagnosis is the key, and Pros Diesel is here to root out any malfunctions with confidence. From alternators, starters and batteries to your lighting system and more, we’ve got you covered no matter where you are on the road.

Our mechanics & tech team are known for being professional and friendly, working quickly to get you back on the road. For your convenience, we are dedicated to helping you at any hour, day or night with 24/7 roadside assistance you can trust. If you need simple maintenance to keep your rig running smooth or if you just broke down along the way, contact Pros Diesel in Brigham City today for reliable diesel truck repair.

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