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DFP/DEF Emission Repair Services in Brigham City, Utah

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DFP/DEF Emission Repair Services in Brigham City, Utah

The purpose of an emissions testing and repair is to ensure your vehicle is running safely, which is especially important if you are driving a commercial semi-truck. If your employer has asked you to bring your vehicle in for emissions testing/repair, we can help. We offer affordable and reliable repairs that satisfy state and county requirements for commercial semi-trucks. When you're looking for an emission repairs you can trust, look no further than Pros Diesel.

Please note: we do not offer State Safety Inspections

Emissions Test Preparation Checklist

Before undergoing an emissions test, you’ll want to ensure that your vehicle is going to pass, or you risk wasting time, money and effort in taking the test more than once. Your emissions are directly tied to the efficiency of your vehicle, so it’s crucial that you get your semi-truck inspected and tuned up by a professional. At Pros Diesel, we’ve got the expertise and equipment to provide a comprehensive range of emission testing and repair services for diesel trucks.

There are a few steps you can take before your emissions test, including:

Check Your Engine Lights

Like most consumer vehicles, big rigs also include a “check engine” light on their dashboards. An illuminated warning may signal the need for maintenance somewhere in the engine or electrical system, though usually the problem is not bad enough to immediately stop you from driving. In addition to this ubiquitous light, semi-trucks also feature Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) lamps, which indicate when this crucial emissions control fluid is running low or soot levels are too high for the regeneration process to continue. Pros Diesel will check these and other concerns to ensure that your vehicle is running cleanly and smoothly, or to identify why it isn’t.

Get Your Oil Changed

The oil in your engine is similar to your body’s blood in how it circulates harmful matter away from your engine and into your filter. An old filter or dirty oil will impair your engine’s ability to run smoothly and efficiently, taking a toll on fuel economy and worsening emissions. You’ll need to see to replacing both of these before you take your emissions test.

Have Your Tires Inflated

Your tires are literally where the rubber meets the road, and it’s important to keep them inflated for reasons that go beyond safety. When your tires are overinflated, the surface of the tire becomes rounded and doesn’t grip the road with 100% of its friction, leading to inefficiencies when turning, accelerating or braking. The same is true for different reasons when your tire is underinflated, as the tires sag and still can’t transfer the engine’s energy into motion. Maintain the proper PSI to optimize fuel economy and emissions.

Check Your Battery

While your battery doesn’t have a direct impact on emissions, it plays a critical role in the functionality of your engines sensors and diagnostic systems. In order to properly ascertain the performance of your vehicle for purposes of emissions testing, you’ll need to make sure all systems have a reliable source of electrical power. Pros Diesel has a comprehensive stock of big rig batteries to fit any make and model.

Hire a Properly Trained Technician

When you’re looking to pass a semi-truck/diesel truck emission test, there’s a good chance one of the above factors or another system will require a tune-up. If that’s the case, you’ll want to ensure that you call only a technician who is properly trained in emissions standards to help get your vehicle up to code. At Pros Diesel, we specialize in DFP/DEF emission repair, so get in touch with us today!

If you want us to take care of any of the above services or repairs before your emissions test, we would be happy to schedule repair services as well. Contact our Brigham City semi-truck service shop now at (801) 989-5587 to schedule your appointment.

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